Что творится! NASA ER-2 completes first science flight over Russia

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NASA ER-2 completes first science flight over Russia

28 January 2000

One of NASA's high-flying ER-2 aircraft, a civilian variant of Lockheed's U-2, completed its first science flight through Russian airspace today in support of the largest international ozone field experiment to date over the Arctic.

The six-hour flight passed south-west of Moscow and was closely coordinated with Russian observers. Based at NASA Dryden's Flight Research Centre, Edwards in California, the single-seat aircraft carried instruments to collect data for NASA's SAGE III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment (SOLVE). SOLVE is managed by the Upper Atmosphere Research Programme of NASA's Office of Earth Science.

Scientists are hoping the ER-2's stratospheric measurements will help them better understand the complicated chemistry involved with ozone loss. NASA is working with the European Commission-sponsored Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone (THESEO) 2000.Research teams include scientists from NASA, Europe, Russia, Japan and Canada.

Another NASA flying laboratory, NASA Dryden's DC-8, also flew through Russian airspace in conjunction with the ER-2.The DC-8 flew its first mission over Russia's Franz Josef Land during SOLVE's first phase last December.

The NASA planes and the field experiments are based north of the Arctic Circle in Kiruna in Sweden. A large hangar built especially for research, "Arena Arctica," houses the instrumented aircraft and the scientists.

Scientists have observed unusually low levels of ozone over the Arctic during recent winters, raising concerns that ozone depletion there could become more widespread as in the Antarctic ozone hole. Scientists also hope to forecast when the Arctic ozone may return to normal.

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