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X-43A in flight (November 17, 1999) (16K) -An experimental aircraft that could pave the way for dramatic increases in speed in everything from cruise missiles to re-useable space vehicles has been delivered to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for flight-testing. Artist's impression of the X-43A in flight. © Photo: NASA
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BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle (November 24, 1999) (45K) -One of the most successful Russian armoured fighting vehicles in the export market in recent years has been the BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle (ICV), developed and manufactured by the Kurgan Machine Construction Plant.

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US Air Force (November 10, 1999) (22K) -US Air Force Boeing C-17 conducted the first Antarctic landing of the strategic airlifter on 15 October. The US Department of Defense (DoD) is set to increase dramatically the size of its C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft fleet, based on the lessons of recent military operations and a review of its air mobility requirements
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6 x 6 Fast Attack Vehicle (December 01, 1999) (39K) -The world's first 6 x 6 Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) to enter quantity production, the Desert Raider, is being manufactured in Israel for an undisclosed export customer
http://www.janes.com/defence/images/gallery/991208.jpg [not image] RIM-116B missile (December 08, 1999) (41K) - A RIM-116B missile leaves a 21-round Mk 49 RAM launcher. The new block 1 RAM missile will improve the systems capabilities against anti-ship missiles.© Photo: US Navy
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И в самом низу скромная фотка нашего самолета :)))) Да еще без комментариев. Они здесь излишни - это ЛУЧШИЙ ИСТРЕБИТЕЛЬ в своем классе.
А что у него за контейнер на центральной подвеске? Вроде не топливный бак.
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Serge Pod


Nu zabyl, s kem ne byvaet ;))
zato seychas bol'she !!!

Article posted to this site 5 January 2000
MAPS corners MiG-29 market

German-Russian joint venture company MiG Aircraft Product Support (MAPS) has concluded agreements with both Bulgaria and Romania to service and partly upgrade their MiG-29 fighter aircraft fleets, providing the company with a regional dominance in the market.

The joint venture is 50% held by Germany's DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Dasa) with the remainder held by Russia's MIG-MAPO and arms export agency Rosvoorouzhenie. The work excludes modifications to the MiG-29's RD-33 engines.

The involvement of Dasa in the maintenance and eventual upgrade of MiG-29 aircraft came as a result of German unification when the Luftwaffe inherited 24 MiG-29s.

The need to "westernise" these aircraft to NATO standard provided the impetus to consider the market potential in Central and Eastern Europe.

"In a sense, we turned a necessity into a virtue," said Dr Thomas Enders, Dasa's Vice President for Strategy and Planning. "We see a potential for future markets in this region."

It seems that the original reluctance by many MiG-user countries, after the fall of the Berlin Wall a decade ago, to continue operating Soviet-era equipment and purchase Western equipment instead has been replaced by a more realistic assessment that existing equipment will have to be used for some time to come and that the introduction of Western equipment will be gradual.

About two years ago Dasa, in co-operation with the German Ministry of Defence, suggested co-operation with all the Central and East European states who use the MiG-29 and the establishment of a MiG User Group but this idea was scuttled by Russian industry.

Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) were concluded with Bulgaria last October and with Romania the following month, with MAPS also seeing potential for further agreements with Hungary and Slovakia, which operate around 50 MiG-29s. The organisation has already entered into partnership with Hungary's Danubius Aircraft company.

Initial modifications for Romania and Bulgaria will focus on bringing the aircraft up to minimal NATO standards, including an identification friend or foe transponder; VHF/UHF and emergency communications equipment; the introduction of English language equipment; and collision- warning lights. A further three levels of upgrade can be carried out including new central data processing unit, radar, weapon systems and electronic countermeasures.

MAPS's Bulgarian agreement, which includes involvement from local partners, covers a level-two fleet maintenance programme to extend by 1,100h or nine years the air force's 21-strong MiG-29 fleet.

The Romanian MoU covers two projects. MAPS will carry out a life-extension programme on an initial two MiG-29A fighters and two MiG-29UB trainers, bringing the aircraft to level-two standard. The modifications could also be extended to cover Romania's remaining fleet of around 14 aircraft.

A further upgrade project will be conducted by Dasa with Romania's Aerostar and Elbit of Israel. One MiG-29A will be converted into a post level-three demonstrator, with work to be completed before year-end. The aircraft will then be displayed to other European MiG-29 operators.

The 'Sniper' project will employ avionics from Romania's modified MiG-21 Lancer and new systems including a modular multirole computer linked to a 1553B databus. The aircraft will also feature hands-on throttle and stick controls, a wide-angle head-up display and two digital displays.

Dasa officials have also confirmed that the company is holding talks with two European air forces regarding a possible upgrade and life-extension programme for their Sukhoi Su-22M4 'Fitter-K' attack and Su-22UM3 'Fitter-G' trainer aircraft. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia currently have around 194 Su-22s in their inventories.

Additional reporting by JDW Correspondent Heinz Sch
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