Индия создает радар для обнаружения ракет, самолетои и их определения

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India developing radar to classify missiles, aircraft

NEW DELHI, Jan 6 (AFP) - 11:42 GMT - India is developing radar which can classify as well as detect aircraft and incoming missiles, and even register just-crystallised rain drops, a senior scientist told a conference Thursday.
N Balakrishnan, who is building the new radar system in the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore said the new "ionospheric" radar would provide Indian defense forces with information on the exact make of incoming fighter jets.

"Target discrimination, classification and identification can be made easy with the new radars," N Balakrishnan, told the science conference.

"A single drop of rain having a diameter of one millimetre at a distance of 100 km (62.5 miles) can be traced by these high-precision radars ... It will also detect hail or ice flakes at a distance for meteorological studies."

Balakrishanan said the new "e-pulse" technology being used to develop the radar was so advanced that it could map out the shape and size of the window of an incoming aircraft.

He said the radar would take two years to reach practical application.

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