Tiger AH gets EW suite

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Tiger AH gets EW suite

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23 February 2000

The new Tiger helicopters of the German armed forces and the French army will soon be equipped with an advanced Electronic Warfare Suite (EWS). Eurocopter, the leading helicopter producer, has awarded the first series 48 million Euro production contract for this new system to the Airborne Systems operation unit of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (Dasa/Munich).

Tiger AH
The EWS, which is being tested by Eurocopter for one year, consists of a passive sensor unit and an active unit for countermeasures. Dasa is responsible for the complete sensor, in cooperation with Dasa's subsidiary LFK Lenkflugk■rpersysteme GmbH and Detexis, a subsidiary of the French Thomson-CSF group.

The sensor unit encompasses:

A radar warning sensor conducting a threat analysis of all external radars,

A laser sensor detecting threats of laser-based weapon systems,

A missile launch detector recognising approaching missiles and

An evaluation system analysing the sensor data and transferring the threats to the crew for optical and acoustic warning.
The complete system is coupled to the counter-measures equipment. If one of the sensors reports a helicopter-endangering radar/laser detection or the acquisition of an approaching missile, the active unit of the Electronic Warfare Suite will start operation by initiating jamming and deception measures. Flares are activated against infrared homing seeker heads and chaff is ejected against radar threats.

At present, a total number of 427 systems are required for the German and French Tiger helicopters. The series production contract for the first lot is for 160 EWS. Contract awarding for the next lot is scheduled for 2007. An identical system is planned for the new tactical transport helicopter NH90. Prototypes of these helicopters have been in service since late 1995. The first series production contract is slated for the year 2000.

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