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Ил-38 из Индийских ВМС.

ILYUSHIN IL-38 MAY [zero size or time out] [zero size or time out] [zero size or time out]

Type: Long range maritime patrol aircraft

Operational Speed: 347 knots (645 km/h)

Service Ceiling: 32,800 ft. (10,000 meters)

Range: 3887 nautical miles (7200km)

Sensors: 'Wet Eye' search radar, MAD, sonobuoys and ESM.

Weapons: Various torpedoes, mines and depths bombs used for ASW purposes.

Role: Shore-based, long-range ASW recon into the Indian Ocean.

Comments: Roosvooruzhenie, Russia's chief arms trading firm, is set to refit five Tu-142 and IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft with the Morskoy Zmei (Sea Dragon) anti-ship warfare system. These aircraft are expected to be flown from India to St. Petersburg, Russia where the refits are expected to take place. Eventually all the Tu-142s and IL-38s, in service with the IN, are expected to be upgraded.

The Sea Dragon mission avionics suite is designed to detect & intercept surface vessels and submarines within a range of 150 km, as well as detect mines and carry out surveillance. The suite can also detect airborne targets and can be linked to the Russian Glonass satellite navigation system.
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Енто аппаратурка такая. Можно посмотреть у Fisbena на сайте http://www.aviation.orc.ru/kr/7-99/index.htm
(Крылья Родины->Су-32).
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