Egypt To Buy AMRAAM

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Egypt To Buy AMRAAM
Air Defense System

by Robert Wall

04/05/00 02:00:08 PM U.S. EDT

Egypt plans to buy the “Humraam” short-range air defense system that consists largely of advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles (AMRAAM) being fired from a Humvee vehicle. The U.S. and Egypt agreed on the deal “in principle” during Defense Secretary William Cohen’s visit to Cairo. Details about the size and cost of the order are still being negotiated.

Norway is the only country already using AMRAAM in a ground-launched air-defense application. However, the Norwegian system doesn’t use a Humvee launch vehicle.

The combination of Humvee and AMRAAM is being considered by the U.S. Marine Corps to meet its requirement for a close-in air defense system. Additionally, the U.S. Army is considering buying the system, as is the U.S. Air Force, for air base defense. Several test firings of the Humraam system have already taken place, including shots against low-radar-cross-section targets.
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