Unlikely Chemical Weapons Were Stored At Iraqi Air Base

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Unlikely Chemical Weapons Were Stored
At Iraqi Air Base

by Ted Gogoll

05/25/00 09:43:18 PM U.S. EDT

A Defense Dept. report concluded it was unlikely chemical weapons were present at Iraq’s Tallil Air Base during the Persian Gulf War. U.S. officials had believed the base was a chemical weapons depot because it served as a staging point for Iraq’s airborne chemical attacks against Iran in their 10-year war. Tallil also had an S-shaped bunker that officials had assessed was designed specifically to store chemical weapons and agents. After the cease-fire, U.S. forces occupied Tallil, sending in nuclear, biological and chemical specialists to inspect the base, finding no evidence of chemical weapons. And at no time did officials receive reports by personnel of medical symptoms associated with chemical weapons. After the inspections, the base was destroyed.

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