Love Bug Virus Bites NASA Computers

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Love Bug Virus Bites NASA Computers

by Dee Ann Divis

05/05/00 04:23:04 PM U.S. EDT

Four NASA centers shut down their email systems yesterday as a precaution against further infection by the “ILOVEYOU” virus while they disinfected their computers. Several hundred machines were affected across the agency, though a NASA headquarters spokesman said that no mission critical systems were impacted.

The virus, apparently originating in the Philippines, raced across the world via email yesterday, clogging computer networks and destroying files. Goddard Space Flight Center, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center each closed down their email systems while they addressed the problem. “It's been an annoyance from the business side of it,” said the spokesman, “but you just have to go back to the days before we had email and work that way.”

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