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[30 Jun 2000] All 18 crew members and passengers aboard an Mi 8 helicopter were killed when it crashed on Sunday afternoon /June 25/ in Lao central province of Xiengkhouang, Lao official news agency KPL reported Thursday.

The helicopter, which belongs to Lao Aviation, was scheduled to take off from the Vientiane airport at 09:00 but rain and cloud delayed the flight until 13:00. It reached Saysomboun Special Zone airport at 13:30. It left again at 13:55 and crashed 15 minutes later in a mountainous area, 28 km from Xiengkhouang province airport.

The crash was attributed to the thick clouds and storms with lightning and hail, said KPL.

The Lao government has set up a special task force to investigate the accident.


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