American military aircraft crash non-stop (2)

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LAS VEGAS (AP) - An F-16 jet crashed in the Nevada desert Tuesday
after apparently clipping another jet during a training exercise, military officials
said. The lone pilot ejected safely and the other plane landed without incident.

The plane crashed about 5 p.m. some 70 miles north of Nellis Air Force
Base, base spokesman Lt. Allan Herritage said. Another F-16 landed a short
time later with minor damage, leading investigators to speculate the planes struck each other in midair, he said.

The extent of damage to the second plane was not released, but Herritage said the pilot was not hurt. A
helicopter crew was dispatched to rescue the downed pilot, who suffered scrapes and bruises.

It was the second jet crash in a week for the base. An F-15 crashed north of Rachel, Nev., on Thursday while
the pilot was leading seven other planes in a training exercise.

The pilot ejected and was not injured. His plane crashed into a dry lake bed 125 miles north of Las Vegas.

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Note: It was 6th F-16 loss this year around the world and I believe second F-15 crash in USA this year.

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