American military aircraft crash non-stop

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In the past 7 days there were 3 incidents involving American military aircraft taking lives of 14 people.

- On July 25, Lockheed C-130 of the Jordanian airforce carrying 14 troops on board smashed into the desertous land killing all of its passengers. In the official statement, Jordanian authorities mentioned that the cause of the crash was technical failure of some of the vital systems of the aircraft.

- Two days later, US Navy F-14D Tomcat carrying 2 pilots on board lost control during the ordinary training mission and smashed into the waters of the Red Sea. No official statement on the accident followed with the only note that both pilots ejected and are now in hospital.

- August 1, 2000. The F-16C of the Israeli Air Force crashed shortly after the take off. Pilot ejected safely. He reported after that within minutes after the take-off he noticed that the engine was on fire and seconds later the decision to eject was made.
So far this is only fifth crash of the F-16 series this year with 4 pilots killed due in the previous 4 accidents.


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