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Russian Government in Debt to Energiya Corporation for Spacecraft

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Text of report in English by Russian news agency Interfax

Baykonur, 7th August: The Russian Energiya rocket-building corporation "doesn't have spacecraft for the International Space Station [ISS] paid for by the state," Energiya President Yuriy Semenov told Interfax today.

The launch of the Zvezda service module by a Proton booster- rocket from the Baykonur cosmodrome on 12th July and the lift-off of a Soyuz-U rocket carrying the Progress-Mi-3 cargo ship up to the ISS yesterday were goodwill gestures on the part of Energiya, Semenov said.

In his opinion, he noted, the present situation could well have a negative impact on the programme for constructing and running the space station.

Semenov went on to say that this serious problem should be ironed out together with the Russian government. The corporation recognizes its responsibilities under the new space programme, "but can no longer stake everything", he said, pointing out that the government owes Energiya about 40m dollars.

However, the Progress-Mi-4 cargo craft should be launched with an Energiya booster-rocket in September in the framework of the ISS project. A Soyuz-TM space vehicle is also due to fly up to the ISS on 30th October, carrying the first Russian-US crew to the orbiting station.

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Читал я о подобном - давно - в Науку и жизнь (номер теперь не найти - с 1996 года вроде). Там утверждалось, что деньги Россией получены, но ушли не по целевому назначению. Приводились дебаты в Сенате США о МКС.
Не знает ли кто больше?

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