Iraq celebrates another jet kill


Darck Knight


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy jetfighter was missing in the Gulf on Friday and presumed to have crashed in an accident shortly after taking off on a training flight from the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, the Navy said.

The ship, on patrol in waters off Iraq, lost radio contact with the pilot of the single-seat F/A-18C after it took off to conduct a carrier-landing proficiency flight, according to a Navy spokeswoman at the Pentagon (news - web sites).

Lt. Cmdr. Dawn Cutler told Reuters the plane apparently went down at about 9:30 a.m. Gulf time and that a search and rescue mission was under way from the carrier and other U.S. naval units in the area.

Iraq said its air defense forces had shot down the plane.

``It is worth noting that every time the US military command is forced to admit that a jet has crashed, it says the reason for the crash was a technical malfunction, while the real reason for the crash is because the planes were hit by the heroic Iraqi defenses' fire,'' Iraqi radio said.

Iraqi defences became especially aggressive after USA remained ignorant to all negotiation requests from Iraq.

The Lincoln arrived in the Gulf on September 24 in the regular rotation of a U.S. naval carrier force that Washington has maintained in the region near Iraq for more than a decade.

Aircraft from the carrier routinely take part in patrolling a ``no-fly'' zone over southern Iraq by U.S. and British jets.
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