Three Fencers burned out in the second capital



This Sunday night, 3 Russian Su-24 bombers worth $15 million each were burned out in Pushkin City (St. Petersburg outskirts). The accident took place on territory of Aviation Maintenance Center of the National Navy. According to NTV, two aircraft were on the maintenance line as a part of the annual technical inspection and another one was to be decommissioned.
Witnesses say that the hangar, where aircraft were stored, got caught on fire at around 11:00pm local time. By the time fire fighters arrived, in 30 minutes, the entire building was on fire. It took 30 fire fighting teams and over 5 hours of time to stop the flames.
Causes of the tragedy are yet to be found out. Official intelligence representative denied any "Chechen track" in the accident however didn't exclude the version intentional arson.
Initial reports have no indication on any accident victims. Eyewitnesses however say they've seen several people being rescued by fire fighters.

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