Russia is ready to purchase retired Hungarian Fishbeds



Offcial spokesman of the "Governmental Privatization and Governmental Possession of Hungary" Co. reported today that Russian Federation expressed its interest in purchasing Hungarian MiG-21 fighters which were decomissioned from Hungarian service recently. Russia is ready to purchase (and possibly scrap) old fighters with the condition of its participation in the upcoming Hungarian MiG-29 modernization program. If the answer is positive, Russia is ready to deduct MiG-21 costs from the potential MiG-29 modernization bill. Hungarian experts say that this would quite revolutionize the problem of scraping decommissioned arms.
Russia's attractive offer could be explained by the fact that certain African countries and India expressed their interest in old MiGs before. Now Russian Federation will attempt to take advantage of those requests and possibly re-sell old Hungarian MiGs to other customers. The total number of decommissioned MiGs will reach over 100 in September, when another 22 aircraft will exit the service.

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