Yankee laser downed 2 Russian missiles




America successfully tested brand new laser air-defence technology intended for Israel Air Defence. According to official spokesman of US Army, two Russian-made missiles were downed at once during the experiment in New Mexico "White Sands" polygon.
This was the first attempt to deploy THEL (Tactical High Energy Laser) against several targets at once. Russian-made missiles, similar to the once used by Khizballah terrorists, were selected for the test. Missiles travelled about 16km and were destroyed while travelling at around 300m/s.
New technology was planned to be delivered to Israel in autumn this year, however now this is postponed till February next year. There is also an option considered by Israel to put this system on the wheels and make it mobile. This will likely to cause even bigger delay.
The test of the new system developed by TRW was initially scheduled to take place on 17 July, however it was found reasonable to postpone it due to Israel-Palestinian talks at Camp-David. Now, the full-scale testing and development resumes.


Is it known missiles of WHAT type were shot down ?


THEL Scores Multiple-Rocket Shoot-Down

by Robert Wall

08/29/00 02:49:52 PM U.S. EDT

The U.S. Army’s Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) on Monday completed its first multiple-rocket shoot-down, destroying Katyusha rockets in flight. The test success follows the first destruction of a single projectile in-flight on June 6. Both tests took place at the Army’s White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

The critical aspect of Monday’s test was that both rockets were airborne at the same time when they were engaged by the ground-based high energy laser system built by TRW. Two Katyushas were involved in the test. A targeting radar initially detects the rockets and slews the laser towards it. The laser energy is then used to detonate the warhead.

The THEL system is being developed by the Pentagon for Israel to protect that country’s northern border against Katyusha rocket attack from Hizbollah forces in Lebanon. Israel’s decision to pull out of southern Lebanon has only increased that country’s interest in the system, a U.S. Army official said.

The system was to be deployed to Israel soon after the multiple-target intercept, but Pentagon officials are now considering keeping it in the U.S. as a test bed. Even if a decision to transfer the hardware to Israel is made, the handover wouldn’t occur until next year because the Army needs to refine the system based on lessons learned in recent tests, according to a program official.

Israel and the Pentagon are in the final phases of an agreement to build a modular version of the THEL system. The current structure is relatively large and cumbersome to move. Furthermore, the U.S. Army is exploring a concept development for an airborne system that would support special operations forces.

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To Backfire

>The THEL system is being developed by the Pentagon for Israel...

I read in israel "Air force" magazine, that "Nautilus"(THEL) is a israely developement. They just short on money, and this is a reason for asking for american help.

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