Russians fire AA-12 from MiG-21



do you know what diameter the antenna is on that radar. I would have thought that given the very small diameter of the intake cone on the MiG-21, the radar would be relatively small.

I have figures to the Euro radars put into the nose of the Chinese F-7MF, and the track ranges are really small (approx 25km), this means on a good day you will probably spot with the eye before the radar...

Is the intake on the intake ccone on the Indian AF MiGs bigger?




Russian Aircraft-Building Company RSK MiG successfully tested new avionics of the MiG-21Bis UPG as a part of massive MiG-21 modernization program ordered by India.
According to RSK MiG media service, new MiG-21Bis UPG with new "Spear" radar fired two AA-12 missiles against two LA-17 aerial targets and scored.
Modernization program will include installation of French navigation and video-registration system, jew anti-jamming equipment, Indian identification system, as well as Russia's brand new "Spear" radar.
Several Indian MiGs have already been modernized and now due to be tested in Russia. After that, fighters will be returned to the owner where Indian pilots will make 15 test flights and later a massive equipment deliveries will begin including: radars, canopies, armament, fuel tanks, air-conditioning systems etc.
After modernization, MiG-21 will be capable of detecting 8 targets at 57km and attack 2 of them simultaneously posing the greatest threat. New AA-11 and AA-12 missiles will turn these aircraft into a truly formidable weapon capable of countermeasuring modern F-15, F-16, and Mirage-2000 fighters.


Indian MiG-21s have the same intake diameter, but it will be enlarged during modernization to accomodate the radar.

Visually compare MiG-21-93 with basic MiG-21 and you'll see a lot of differences.
Indian migs will look very similar to MiG-21-93!

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