Ricky Martin has faith in Volga-Dnepr

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Darck Knight


http://www.vda.ru/IMAGES/an124-3.jpg [not image]

On its pop tour across Eastern Asia and Pacific region, pop singer Ricky Martin has its music equipment being delivered to him by Volga-Dnerp heavy airlift company (FMA - Future Media Architects)
On 6 October 2000, an AN-124-100 Ruslan took off from Japanese city of Narita and landed in Seoul (S. Korea), where Ricky Martin made its first appearance as part of the tour mentioned above. Further routes lay across South-Eastern Asia, Australia and end in New Zealand.
Total weight of the music equipment came to 70 tones and is being carried in special 40-foot containers.

[Редактировалось Dron (11-10-2000 в 21:04).]

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