USAF losses another F/A-18C

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Thursday October 5 8:15 PM ET

Pilot OK in Ariz. Marine Jet Crash


WASHINGTON (AP) - A Marine Corps fighter jet crashed during a training
mission in Arizona on Thursday and the pilot ejected safely.

The F-18C single-seat fighter crashed on the Barry Goldwater training range
at Yuma during a training session with other F-18s, said Maj. Pat Gibbons, a
spokesman at Marine headquarters in the Pentagon (*
- web sites).

The pilot, Capt. Les P. Verdon, was treated for minor cuts and bruises and
released from the Yuma Regional Medical Center, according to a Marine Corps

There was no immediate indication of what caused the accident. It happened at
11:25 a.m. EDT, Gibbons said.

The aircraft is from Marine Air Squadron 251 at Beaufort, S.C., and was
temporarily assigned to Yuma.

Last month two F-18s collided during a training mission near Yuma, killing
two aviators.

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