SGI Su-22 simulator for Czech Air Force

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SGI Su-22 simulator for Czech Air Force

28 November 2000 [not image]

The Czech Air Forces is using SGI(TM) visualisation and supercomputing technology to help train its pilots at Namest nad Oslavou. SGI, in conjunction with Virtual Reality Media and Letecke opravny Kbely, helped to develop a fully reconfigurable simulator modelled on the Russian Sukhoi Su-22 attack aircraft.

The system is based on Silicon Graphics Onyx2, with three InfiniteReality2(TM) graphics subsystems. The Su-22 simulator also includes a complete set of mathematical models for all aircraft systems as defined by FAA category D, including hydraulic and pneumatic systems, instruments and indicators, and over-pressure simulation which is created by using anti-G-force trousers.

"IT now plays an important educational role in all modern armies, and the implementation of the Su-22 flight simulator will help to bring the Czech Air Forces' training programme up to NATO standards," said Michal Klimes, SGI sales director and country manager for the Czech Republic.

The simulator is fixed on a unique vibration platform that imitates the aerodynamic effects that occur during flight manoeuvres such as take-off, touchdown and sharp-angle attack flights. The software and hardware systems powering the simulator have been designed as separate modules so they can be easily upgraded. The Czech Air Forces plans to connect the simulator by DIS protocol with the Aero L-159 training centre and command staff simulator. This will help to conduct common tactical exercises in a synthetic environment.


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