Su-37 on the cards for Chinese buy...?



"...adding that negotiations apparently are underway on a deal involving the Su-37, a more advanced model."

TASS has also announced that a deal is currently underway.

"Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian will visit Moscow from January 16-18 to meet with Acting President Putin, Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev and others. Citing Russian Defense Ministry sources, the government TASS "news" agency says the visit will "expand the framework of Russian-Chinese military cooperation." Among areas of cooperation, according to TASS, are "the emerging military-political situation in the Asian-Pacific region" and an exchange of views "on Washington's decision to increase military spending in order to implement the national missile defense program." Says TASS, "Among the important questions on the agenda of the forthcoming talks are the development and deepening of military-technical cooperation between Russia and China."

[Editor's note: Gen. Chi recently stated that he believes war is "inevitable" between the People's Republic of China and the United States. His visit to Moscow should be viewed in that context.]

Russia is working on a deal to sell Sukhoi-37 multi-role fighter planes to the People's Republic of China, TASS reports. Last August, Moscow and Beijing signed a $2 billion deal to deliver Russian-built Su-30MKK fighters to China."

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