China to Buy AWACS from Russia

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China to Buy AWACS from Russia

Russian PM Kasyanov and Chinese officials will sign on Friday the agreement on
the procurement of A-50 planes. It will be the end of the dramatic competition
which has involved interests of China, Russia, the United States, Israel, Taiwan
and several other countries for the past few years.

The story started back in June 1997, when the Beriev aviation research and
technical company, based in the southern Russian town of Taganrog, undertook to
provide its A-50 airborne warning and control system /AWACS/ planes /which were
not equipped with the Shmel radar/ to Israel's Elta company. This enterprise was
to fit the planes with radars and sell them to China. The value of the contract
was estimated at USD600m-1bn, of which Russia was to get USD150m.

According to some reports, China was expected to get four AWACS planes, which
are referred to as A-50I in Russia and Falcon in Israel. However the supplies
were halted as the United States exercised enormous pressure on Israel.
Washington stubbornly opposed the sale of A-50I to Beijing. As a result, Israel
gave up and started searching for another client this year. Taiwan, India and
Turkey are named among the potential buyers.

That is why China turned directly to Russia with a proposal to buy modernised
A-50E planes, the paper claims. Their radar, designed on the A-50 modernisation
programme, roughly corresponds to that mounted on USD E-3 AWACS planes.

/Nezavisimaya Gazeta/
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About time...and the right choice i'd say....

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Russians to deliver A-50 AWACS to China -

Contract potentially worth $1 billion.

During a visit to China Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov stated that Russia would deliver early warning radar to the Chinese Air Force The type of radar is not entirely clear, but it appears from reports that the aircraft will be the A-50M/U, the Russian Air Force's AEW&C aircraft. An agreement between the two government's is expected to be signed during the visit of Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov between the 3rd and 4th of November according to the Russian press.

The possible sale of early warning aircraft by Russia to China follows an abortive attempt to sell A-50 aircraft equipped with Israeli radar earlier this year. At that point the US Government sought to block the sale of A-501s, A-50s equipped with the Israel Elta Phalcon radar, on the grounds that it involved the transfer of sensitive technology to the Chinese along with improving their offensive capability against Taiwan. The Israelis under very heavy US pressure, which threatened US aid to the country, subsequently abandoned the contract reported to be worth $600m-$1billion. The loss to the contractor IAI was estimated at $250m and for the producer of the aircraft TANTK $150m. TANTK provided the aircraft to the Israeli's in 1999 for fitting out with the Phalcon radar prior to the abandoning of the contract.

The reports suggest that the Chinese aircraft will be equipped with the Vega-M Shmel-II, a development of the basic Russian AWACs radar and reported to be equivalent to the performance of the US and NATO Boeing E-3C Sentry. The aircraft with the Russian radar are designated A-50M/U and are reported to be for sale between $180-200m a unit, according to the radar's designers. If the contract is signed, four aircraft will be delivered to the Chinese over the next three years with the possibility of the Russian Air Force leasing aircraft to cover the interim period.

Elsewhere, the Indian Air Force as part of its re equipment plans for the next 15 years has announced its intention of finally confirm its purchase of three A-501 fitted with the Phalcon. Indian personnel are reported to have been training on the aircraft at the Scientific and Research Institute N13 since earlier this year.

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