The Gripen solution for Hungary

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The Gripen solution for Hungary

1 December 2000 [not image]

SAAB-BAE SYSTEMS Gripen's response to the Hungarian government's request for information (RFI) for the modernisation of the Hungarian Air Force has proposed a solution based on the supply of up to 24 NATO-interoperable Gripen fourth-generation fighters, supported by a flexible finance package and an industrial co-operation programme. The aircraft would be delivered from 2005.

Gripen says the specific benefits to Hungary would be:

From 2005, the delivery of up to 24 fourth-generation NATO-interoperable Gripen fighters, (including four two-seater variants) which will form the core of Hungary's modernised air force to fulfil its national defence and NATO requirements.

Linked to the procurement of Gripen, an opportunity to stimulate Hugarian industry in both the commercial and defence sectors through the development of strategic partnerships with key European companies.

A long-term and flexible finance proposal, backed by the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom, that could delay the normal initial capital outlay involved with a major acquisition program.

A complete logistics and pilot-training support package which could include the opportunity for a number of Hungarian pilots to train with the Swedish Air Force on Gripen, enabling the early establishment of fully qualified multi-role/swing-role operational instructors and pilots.
"A new-build Gripen solution is the best possible option for the Hugarian Air Force, for Hugarian industry and for the Hugarian national economy," said Jan Narlinge, managing director, SAAB-BAE SYSTEMS Gripen. "It provides the best long-term solution for Hungary, not just in terms of meeting national and international defense obligations, but also in terms of affordability and delivering economic benefits."

"Hungarian industry would benefit from participation in a comprehensive programme of long-term partnerships across a wide range of industrial sectors," promised Torbjorn Edberg, SAAB-BAE SYSTEMS' Gripen director for Hungary. "These partnerships and associated investments would not only provide Hungary with economic benefits before the first financial payment was due but would also continue well beyond the delivery period of the aircraft."

Gripen is produced by a joint venture company, SAAB-BAE SYSTEMS Gripen AB, in which Sweden's SAAB AB and BAE SYSTEMS of the United Kingdom (formerly British Aerospace) have equal shares. Apart from the Swedish Air Force, the Gripen has been chosen to upgrade the South African Air Force, and is competing for sales in Poland.


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