Air Force Chief: New Aircraft Do not Match Requirements

IL Serge Pod #19.01.2001 22:32

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Air Force Chief: New Aircraft Do not Match Requirements

Russia`s Air Force Commander Anatoly Kornukov recently stated that the existing
developments of the Sukhoi design bureau /S-37 Berkut/ and the MIG aircraft
corporation /Project 1.44, aka MFI/ ``do not match our requirements.``

S-37 had become outdated before it took off for the first time. At the same
time, MIG designers did better in developing an optimal fifth-generation plane.
The MFI multifunctional frontline fighter took off for the first time on
February 29, 2000. Its completion was financed by the MIG corporation, Rodina
research and production enterprise, Avionika corporation and Lyulka-Saturn
engine building enterprise, i.e. the companies directly involved in the plane`s

``The beginning of flight tests confirmed the enormous potential of the MFI
airframe which was designed on an unusual Duck scheme with front control
surfaces replacing tail control surfaces. The new plane is distinguished by
excellent controllability. Integration of engines with thrust vector control
will make MFI`s specifications so high that no Western European or US aircraft,
including prospective ones, will have similar manoeuvrability.

/Rossiyskaya Gazeta/
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Did I miss something ? I thought that S-37 have made far more flights before MFI first time appeared on take-off strip.
AD Реклама Google — средство выживания форумов :)


I was under the impression that the new MIG was grounded beacuse of lack of funding.

And it was one of the top air force brass that said they would definetly purchase the Su-37 when it was first demonstrated in 96' but unfortunetly due funding again it hasn't been purchased.

And what i don't understand is how they can say the aircraft will have superior manoeuvrability to the propsective european/USA aircraft when the american F-22 has still over 3 years development before entering service and the Eurofighter 2000 will probably have thrust vectoring implemented.

But don't get me wrong as i'm sure if the MIG does goes ahead it will be a outstanding aircraft.

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