Russian Army to Begin Large-Scale Arms Purchases in 2008-2010

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Serge Pod


Russian Army to Begin Large-Scale Arms Purchases in 2008-2010

The program of weapons` procurements drafted and submitted for approval to
President Vladimir Putin implies that large-scale purchases of military
hardware will begin in 2008-2010, Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov told
Interfax on Tuesday,

Klebanov, who is responsible for the defense industry in Putin`s Cabinet, is
expected to sign the procurements` program until 2010-2015 this month. ``We
should begin large-scale purchases of new military hardware for the Armed
Forces in 2008-2010,`` he said.

During the six to eight year period before that ``the main emphasis in funding
will be on research and development of new types of armaments,`` Klebanov
said. During this period 40-45% of all funds under
the government defense contract will go to R & D programs. Klebanov
said that weaponry of the fifth generation was in question.

In knowledge we trust!  
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I think it is not so bad if we will start to purchase absolutely new military machines and equipment at 2008. I think our junk can still serve 5-7 years in face of modern menaces, but only 5-7.
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