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To whom are the bid invitations being sent? Is it the russians the americans or both?
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IL Serge Pod #14.01.2001 20:37

Serge Pod


No, it wasn't sent to russians.

Czech Republic to ask for tenders for fighter aircraft
4 January 2001

The Czech government has decided to issue a request for tender for up to 36 fighter aircraft, to replace its ageing Soviet era fleet. Deliveries would be expected between 2004 and 2008

The government said it would compare the tenders on price, financing and offset deals, but would not commit to a decision to buy. The estimated cost is approximately $2.5 billion and the Czechs expect 150% of the value to be offset in local deals with industry.

The tender request will be issued early next week, with responses required by the end of May. A decision on purchase will be made by the end of October.

Bidders are likely to be:

SAAB BAE SYSTEMS (Jas-39 Gripen),
Boeing (F/A-18 Hornet)
Lockheed Martin (F-16),
Dassault (Mirage 2000-5)
EADS (Eurofighter Typhoon)

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