Russia, Germany Sign Agreement on Modernization of MiG-29

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IL Serge Pod #13.01.2001 14:46

Serge Pod


Russia, Germany Sign Agreement on Modernization of MiG-29

Russia may remain and enlarge its quota on the European market of combat
aircraft after signing a joint agreement with Germany Thursday on the
modernization of the Mig-29 jet.

Under the agreement, signed by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Mikhail Dmitriyev
and German Ambassador to Russia Ernst Studnetz, the sides will establish a
single network for maintenance, modernization and other technical support of
MiG-29 planes in the European region.

A Russian-German joint venture, planned to be based in the German city of
Manhing, is expected to help extend the service life of Mig-29 jets in maximum,
considerably cutting the maintenance expenditure of the countries with Mig-29 in
their armies.

According to Dmitriyev, there are about 120 MiG-29 fighter jets in Central and
Eastern Europe, including the countries of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria
and Romania.

``Everyone acknowledges the airplanes are good... but they need repairs and
modernization,`` he said.

Russia and Germany have put forward the most advantageous and economically
expedient choices to modernize those jets, which will also make them adapt to
NATO standards, Dmitriyev said.

The agreement, which has been under planning since 1996, has an effective term
of three years and might be extended for another three years on mutual wish.

It is ``rather general`` and will be made more specific ``by the
military-technical commission and groups of experts,`` Dmitriyev noted.

``If the agreement is proved a success, we may exceed the limits of Europe.
There are MiG-29 airplanes all through the world,`` Dmitriyev said.

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