For 2000 Russia gets around $4.3b for arms deliveries to 49 countries



The most important customers for this year remain India and China. The biggest demand was for S-300 air defense systems, Mi-24 assault helicopters, and MiG-29 & Su-27 fighter jets in service with 22 countries.
Among most recent arms agreements are Su-30MKI deal with India and chopper deal with Turkey.
OKB Sukhoi and MOD of India finally finalised the biggest contract in history of co-operation between two Countries which will permit India to produce Su-30MKI fighters for its AF. This will create thousands of jobs both in Russia and India (only in Russia over 100 factories will be loaded with work for the next 17 years). Total cost of the contract remains classified but it's estimated around 3.3 billion dollars with about 1 billion going straight to Sukhoi Design Bureau.
On the other hand Kamov Design Bureau won a small contract to deliver 5 medical service helicopters to Turkey. Total cost is estimated around 31.5 millions of dollars.

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