Treasure hunt continues

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Canadian government together with US attempted to purchase several "Shkval" torpedoes from the National Defense Production Plant in Kirgizia, where lethal weapon is being made. Mission failed. Exact reasons remain unknown.
It's likely that FSB discovered evil plans and demanded Kirgizia to cancel the sale. Official spokesman of Canadian MOD refused to comment on the issue however when asked about a hunt for Shkval, noticed: "We will proceed with our activities".
The "Shkval" torpedo is capable of traveling 300 miles per hour under water which is 5 times faster than that of conventional torpedo. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology which produces artifical vapor-baloon around torpedo. This way water never goes in contact with metal and friction is drastically reduced.
Pentagon has been trying to put its hands on Shkval for several years now. The objective is to pirate technology, by making detailed engineering analysis, and then create effective counterpart as well as defence system.

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