No brain-drain in Russia's space industry



Khrunichev Governmental Space Center which is responsible for production of rocket carriers and space stations, doesn't suffer from brain drain. "Not one left and will leave our team to work abroad" commented director of space center Anatoliy Kiselev.
"Our people see results of their labour, their projects aren't thrown into a trash can, but are turned into reality instead". Kiselev also proudly mentioned that "even in times of violent cosmonautics development in USSR along with adequate funding Krunichev center never produced as much as it does now"
Currently massive space enterprise employs 22000 workers. Back in 1997, this number was a little above 18000 which shows growth unmatched anywhere in the world. Average monthly wage of personel is estimated around 4600 rubles ($160) which by far is greater if to compare to average of the entire national space industry.
All this is the result of massive commercial activity run by managers of the enterprise. "Our portfolio allows us to ensure work and wage to our people" concluded Kiselev.
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