Russia enters new millenium with newly selected anthem



Oh yeah!
Russia needs new anthem. Thats the answer to all problems and questiones. This is a third (fourth) anthem for the past 10 years. Nobody cares anymore (MOO (My Own Opinion)).


Here's yahoo translation:

Russia, our holy country!
Russia, our beloved country!
A mighty will, a great glory,
Are your inheritance for all time!

Be glorious, our free Fatherland!
Eternal union of fraternal peoples,
Common wisdom given by our forebears,
Be glorious, our country! We are proud of you!

From the southern seas to the polar region
spread our forests and fields.
You are unique in the world, inimitable,
Native land protected by God!

(Repeat refrain)

Wide spaces for dreams and for living
Are opened for us by the coming years
Faithfulness to our country gives us strength
Thus it was, so it is and always will be!

Personaly, I don't like it in either language. Soviet sounded strong and powerful. This one sounds no better than all other ones if not worse (which isn't something I got used to). I think Putin would have to approve bunch of corrections to it over time.


Ahh, what da hell! It ain't that bad after all!

Yeah, it's not bad, but narrow-minded patriotism and refrain would have to be crossed out and replaced with strong NATIONAL words.

Like my friend jerked: "Everyone will sing Soviet one anyway". He's right, until this one is revised well enough.



'It ain't that bad after all!' - It is!

Still can't believe they spoiled Alexandrov's masterpiece with such insincere, sugary and, in general, silly lyrics. Personally, I never cared about it in the Soviet anthem, for it is the music I love there, but I'm still pissed off!

And what is this 'god' issue? The church keeps saying it deems itself separated from the state, yet now this very state uses theological terminology in the national anthem! I'm an atheist and, though I greatly respect the beliefs of others, shall never accept this lyrics until this is removed. Oh, what the hell, I'll never accept it anyway...

P.S.: Sergei Mikhalkov appears to feel comfortable writing his poems for whatever regime with the same level of sincerity. And his son (though I admire his movies) is much alike. Adaptation and natural selection!

Happy New Year!


By the way, everyone can now listen to it right here:

the file is about 8:24long but anthem starts at 3:40 or around that so fast forward right away unless you want to listen Putin yabbering New Year greeting.

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