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IAI develops MI-8 & MI-17 tactical upgrade package

2 February 2001

A modular Tactical Upgrade Package for modernising the Russian MI-8 and MI-17 helicopters has been developed by Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd. (IAI). These assault helicopters, manufactured in the thousands, are in operational service in many countries. Most of them, however, require upgrading to enable them to operate effectively in modern battlefield conditions.

IAI's upgrade package includes a modular Avionics System based on the "Glass Cockpit" concept, an Electronic Warfare suit, and a flexible armament package. The Lahav Division's upgrade uses subsystems, which were designed for the Russian MI-35 and KA-50-2 attack helicopters, and so achieves a common architecture for both assault and attack helicopters.

http://defence-data.com/storypic/mi17glasscockpit.jpg [not image]
The new glass cockpit
The upgrade transforms the old cockpit into modern computerised crew stations, which include multifunction electronic displays that enable the pilots to receive information that is specific to the current mission segment. Included among the system's "smart" displays is a digital mission map, which enables mission data to be updated during flight; and the helmet mounted display, which enables the pilot to see crucial data in any head position.

The Lahav Division led the development of the upgrade package for the MI-8 & MI-17 helicopters. The Mata Division is responsible for the installation design of both the cockpit panels and the various avionics systems as well as for adapting the cockpit to be Night Vision Goggles compatible. The Tamam division is responsible for supplying the HMOSP observation & targeting payload and the pilot "smart" helmet. The Elta Division is responsible for the helicopter's self-protection system, supplying advanced Electronic Warfare components.


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