MiG May Give Up Tu-334 Production

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IL Serge Pod #16.04.2001 20:48

Serge Pod


MiG May Give Up Tu-334 Production

Sources in JSC Tupolev report that production of Tupolev Tu-334 medium-range
100-seater plane could be moved from the MiG Corportation to another aircraft
plant in Russia.

According to the sources, the MiG`s financing constraints cripple preparations
for mass-production and completion of the second Tu-334 prototype. This
significantly delays further certification and release of Tu-334, forcing the
designer to look for another aircraft plant.

By some estimate, Ulyanovsk-based Aviastar, which currently produces Tu-204s,
may master production of Tu-334s in less than twelve months.

Due to delays in completion of the second prototype at the MiG, JSC Tupolev is
said to be looking for resources to finance completion of this Tu-334 at
Kiev-based Aviant. Completion of Tu-334 in Kiev will cost approximately 5 mln


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