S-37 to Resume Test Flights in May

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IL Serge Pod #16.04.2001 20:48

Serge Pod


S-37 to Resume Test Flights in May

Sukhoi will resume test flights of its fifth generation fighter S-37 Berkut
/Golden Eagle/ in May, well-informed sources in the company reported. According
to the sources, the intensity of test flights will dramatically grow.

The S-37 prototype is currently undergoing scheduled checks and maintenance. Two
D-30F6 engines, which power S-37, were removed from the plane and sent to Perm
plant. As expected the engine maker will attempt to extend their service life.

According to analysts, since S-37 became first airborne in 1997, there were made
only 90 test flights. Such low intensity of flights was caused by financing
constraints and complexity of the aircraft aerodynamics.


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