Quantum Magnetics Helps U.S. Army Detect and Track Vehicles in Battlef

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Quantum Magnetics Helps U.S. Army Detect and Track Enemy Vehicles in Battlefield Conditions

NEWARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 19,
2001--InVision Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:INVN)
today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary,
Quantum Magnetics (Quantum) completed the
first phase of a U.S. Army contract to demonstrate
the potential of magnetic sensing for the detection
and tracking of military vehicles. During the first
phase of the program, Quantum showed that it is
possible to use magnetic field gradiometry
technology to detect tanks within 50 meters.
Quantum also established detection ranges for less
heavy vehicles, such as HMMWVs, armored
personnel carriers, and trucks.

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Magnetic Tensor Gradiometer (MTG) Technology for
Naval Applications. In two programs monitored by
the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren
Division, Coastal Systems Station (CSS), Quantum
is developing an advanced, man-portable MTG
sensor technology for the detection, location and
classification of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and
underwater naval mines. In one recently completed
program, Quantum developed and delivered the key
components of a man-portable system for UXO
surveys on land. In an ongoing program, Quantum
is developing an MTG for incorporation into a
low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for
shallow-water mine and obstacle surveys.

Detection of Underground Facilities. Quantum, with
funding from the U.S. Air Force Research
Laboratory (Hanscom AFB), completed the initial
phase of development of a low-cost MTG sensor.
The future plan is to integrate the MTG sensor with
an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to perform
magnetic surveys over remote terrain, with the
objective of detecting clandestine underground


Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detection System. Quantum
is developing an advanced, vehicle-mounted sensor
for the U.S. Army's ground standoff mine detection
system (GSTAMIDS) program. The goal of this
program is to develop a system for road clearance
with a very low false alarm rate. The Quantum
sensor is based upon quadrupole resonance (QR)
detection of the explosive within the mines, which is
highly chemically specific and thus provides a low
rate of false alarms.

Backpack-mounted Mine Detection System.
Supported by the Office of Naval Research (ONR),
Quantum is developing a man-portable mine
detection system based on QR detection. The
system is being designed for use by the U.S.
Marine Corps.

Quadrupole Resonance Detection of Bacterial
Spores. With funding from the Chemical and
Biological Defense program, Quantum is
investigating the QR detection of bacteria via the
crystallization of certain organic compounds that
occurs when the bacteria form inert spores.

Fusion of QR and X-ray Data for Enhanced
Detection of Explosives in Baggage. In this project,
funded by the Technical Support Working Group
(TSWG), Quantum is investigating methods to
improve the detection of explosives by automated
combination of quadrupole resonance data with
X-ray images. Preliminary results indicate
substantial gains in performance that may
eventually lead to low-cost explosives detection
systems (EDSs).

Screening Personnel for Explosives Using QR.
Funded by TSWG, Quantum is developing the
world's first explosives detection portal using QR
technology. Once QR is developed as a personnel
screening technology, it will be combined with other
detection modalities to produce a portal that can
detect any explosive carried by an individual.

Hand-held Explosives Detector for Personnel
Screening. With support from the U.S. Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA), Quantum has
developed the first prototype, handheld QR device
for detecting explosives concealed under an
individual's clothing. Work is progressing on
rendering the prototype field-testable, in anticipation
of operational trials at an airport. Such a system,
which resembles a hand-held metal detector "wand"
connected to a small electronics console, can also
find use in Force Protection applications.
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