Mil Designs New Chopper Mi-52

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IL Serge Pod #07.08.2001 20:42

Serge Pod


Mil Designs New Chopper

Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant is in the process of developing a new lightweight twin-engine Mi-52 helicopter, a well-informed source reported.

According to the source, the plant is currently investing its own funds in the design works due to the lack of external sources. Completion of two examples and conduct of all flight, certification and state tests will require an investment of nearly 15 mln US dollars.

Mil is also studying opportunities for engaging outside investments to go ahead with design works. Should the required level of financing be secured, the design bureau pledges to complete and flight-test two Mi-52 examples within the next two years.

The Mi-52`s market niche is straight between Ka-226 and Mi-8 choppers, as well as light-engine helicopters designed by the Belkov Company. The new helicopter`s price tag is estimated at 600-700 000 US dollars, twice less the price of Ka-226, Mi-8s and similar western designs.

Mi-52 will be available in two versions: single and twin engine designs. However, the twin-engine version powered by rotor-piston engines designed by AvtoVAZ has a higher priority for Mil.

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