Новый итальянский авианосец Andrea Doria . Новости.

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Fincantieri begins construction of Italy's new aircraft carrier

2 August 2001

Fincantieri has cut the first metal for the construction of Italy's new aircraft carrier and flagship, which will be called the Andrea Doria. Work is being carried out in the company's yards at Riva Trigoso (Genoa) and Muggiano (La Spezia) and the ship will be delivered in 2007.

The ship will have a standard displacement of about 22,000 tonnes, an overall length of about 235 metres and a speed of no less than 29 knots; it will be able to accommodate up to 1,290 people on board comprising a maximum landing force of 450.

The ship has been designed to be both an aircraft carrier and an amphibius landing ship, with the capacity to embark a battalion sized assault force. The vessel will be equipped with a flight deck suitable both for operations with helicopters and with STOVL aircraft and a hangar/garage of approximately 2,500 square metres. Two elevators will be installed for aircraft and there will be two access ramps to move vehicles from the quayside to the hangar/garage.

The ship will be a hospital facility with three operating rooms, wards for hospitalised patients, X ray and CT equipment, a dentist's surgery and a laboratory.


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