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Eurocopter has a good 2001

23 January 2002

Eurocopter Group chalked up 375 new aircraft orders in 2001, representing 43% of the market based on the number of new civil and military helicopters.

The orders were broken down as follows:

81 EC 120 B Colibri, 103 single-engine Ecureuil/Fennec,
27 EC 130 B4, 2 BO 105, 17 twin-engine Ecureuil/Fennec,
38 EC 135,
2 BK 117,
8 EC 145,
10 Dauphin/Panther, 1
3 EC 155 B/B1,
26 Super Puma/EC 225 - Cougar/EC 725, and
48 NH 90.
The total order book, including new and previously owned aircraft (50 helicopters sold by Eurocopter and its subsidiaries), research and development, services provided to customers, and other various activities increased to Euro 2,825 million euros. The breakdown of these orders by value is 45% for the civil and parapublic sector and 55% for the military sector.

The consolidated order book for series-production helicopters represents Euro 1760 million euros.

Eurocopter President Jean-Fran‡ois Bigay said that he was particularly satisfied with the orders, which reflect once again "the excellent range of products offered by Eurocopter. The Super Puma/Cougar helicopters deserve special praise: 26 were ordered, proving how well they complement the NH 90."

Thanks to the first Tiger export contract signed with Australia and the NH 90 contract for Norway, which will take effect in 2002, Eurocopter is already building a strong order book for the coming year.

In 2001, the consolidated turnover of Eurocopter reached 2.243 billion euros, an increase of approximately 10% over the previous year. This figure comprises primarily customer support services, Research and Development, and the delivery of 335 helicopters. 57% of turnover comes from the civil and parapublic sector and 43% from the military sector. Exports (outside France and Germany) totaled 65%.

In terms of market shares, Eurocopter expanded its positions compared with 2000.

The upswing observed in the Civil and Parapublic sector over the last three fiscal years was confirmed in 2001, as approximately 495 helicopters were delivered, versus 477 the previous year - despite uncertainty in the United States. Eurocopter delivered 280 helicopters, representing 57% of the market. This was an increase over the previous year (51% of the market, 241 helicopters delivered out of the world-wide total of 474 units).

315 aircraft were ordered world-wide in the military sector, and 75% of the helicopters were from the attack and heavy categories. The 2001 military market confirmed the fleet renewals which began in 1999 and the return to large-scale military programmes (Nordic Standard Helicopter Program, Australia, United States, Canada, etc.). The strengthening of Eurocopter's position in these markets, with 25% of the order book, was also confirmed, because of the Tiger and NH 90 export contracts and to the success of the Cougar.

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