Tu-204 Airliner Makes Emergency Landing in Omsk, Nobody Hurt

IL Serge Pod #17.01.2002 18:15

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Airliner Makes Emergency Landing in Omsk, Nobody Hurt

A Tu-204 passenger aircraft belonging to the Russian airline Sibir en route from Frankfurt to Novosibirsk made an emergency landing in Omsk.

A source with the Omsk airport has told Interfax that Novosibirk's Tolmachyovo airport denied the landing of flight 852 arriving from Germany and redirected the plane to Omsk. Approaching a landing strip at the Omsk airport, the pilots realized that the plane might miss the strip due to a heavy crosswind. However, as the airliner was running out of fuel, the crew did not risk making another approach and landed the plane, which then ran some 400 meters off the strip.


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