Joint US - Russia Aircraft Projects Assured by Market Demand

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Serge Pod


Joint US - Russia Aircraft Projects Assured by Market Demand

As the General Director of ZAO Sukhoy Civil Airplanes, Andrey Ilyin, emphasized, as of today, preliminarily, in accordance with a confidently pessimistic variant of the forecast for the demand for a new family of regional passenger airplanes, being built by the Russian ZAO Sukhoi Civil Airplanes, OAO Ilyushin Aircraft Company and the Boeing firm /USA/, for the period to 2020 is estimated at 700 aircraft of all modifications taking into account the activity in the marketplace of basic competitors. At the same time, the marketplace for regional airplanes for that same period is estimated at not fewer than 5,000 aircraft.

Andrey Ilyin noted also that the approximate cost of the project of creating a new regional airplane, including the cost of the performance of a complex of certification tests and technological preparation for production is estimated at approximately a total of 500 million dollars. The airplane will be developed and produced in Russia, therefore, a Russian type certificate should be received first with a subsequent rapid /almost parallel to the Russian/ certification of the airplane to the airworthiness standards of the USA and Western Europe. The plan for the execution of the complex of certification tests will be prepared by the middle of 2002. The airplanes of the RRJ project are calculated for the haul of from 55 to 95 passengers. The weight of the airplanes will be up to 43 tonnes.

ZAO Sukhoi Civil Airplanes is a wholly owned subsidiary of AO Sukhoi OKB.

Source: 08.01.02, Finmarket Agency

Translated by Roy Cochrun /

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