An-38 with TVD-20 Engines Lifted into Air in December

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An-38 with TVD-20 Engines Lifted into Air in December

On 11 December 2001, there was the first lift-off of the An-38 airplane with Russian TVD-20 engines. The prior modification of the aircraft with American engines was extremely expensive: its cost exceeded 4 million dollars. It is natural that internal regional trips on such a type cannot assure a return of funds attracted for the purchase of the aircraft. This also was the reason of the fact that the first two airplanes being used at the Vostok airline where rebased to Malaysia.

The TVD-20 proved itself well on An-3 airplanes. Outfitted with the Russian engines, the cost of the An-38 will decline by almost 1 million dollars.

Source: 08.01.02, Aviatsionnyy Rynok

Translated by Roy Cochrun /

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