Export Su-24MK

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Serge Pod


Export Su-24MK

Flight tests have been completed of the export variant of the Su-24MK tactical bomber. The old aircraft has obtained the qualities which respond to the requirements of the new century.

The Su-24 tactical bomber with variable geometric wing was considered one of the best in its class and was delivered by the Soviet Union to dozens of countries. In all 1,300 such aircraft were produced in various modifications. A not too small quantity of them are in the inventory of the air forces of many states of the Middle East.

Tests have confirmed the correct choice of the upgrade path for the airplane. The viability of the bomber and its combat capabilities have grown almost by a third while at the same time there has been a decrease in service costs. A satellite navigation system is being installed on the Su-24MK which is compatible with the Russian GLONASS and the American GPS.

As The General Director of AVPK Sukhoy, Mikhail Pogosyan, declared to Interfax-AVN, the upgraded airplane can use a significantly large range of missiles and bombs, it will be capable of carrying out bomb strikes in poor weather conditions, day and night, including at low altitudes, with aimed destruction of ground and surface targets at the whole depth of the operation formation of the enemy`s troops and his bases /greater than 300 kilometers from the front line/. The Su-24MK, having received as it were a second life, without a doubt, will have a good future in the market place of aviation combat equipment upgrades.

Source: 08.01.02, Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Translated by Roy Cochrun /http://www.toad.net/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/royfc/today/acft_news.html/

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