Application for Certification of T-101 ``Grach`` Aircraft to Be Filed

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Application for Certification of T-101 ``Grach`` Aircraft to Be Filed in March 2002

As the General Director of FGUP MiG - Light Civil Aircraft, Evgeniy Kozyukov, has reported, in March 2002, it is planned to apply to the Interstate Aviation Committee /MAK/ for the certification of the light T-101 ``Grach`` single-motor multirole airplane.

According to him, the certification of the T-101 airplane will take approximately up to 1 1/2 years. The completion of the certification is possible at the end of 2003 or in 2004. At the present time, the Russian Aircraft Building Corporation MiG /RSK MiG/ is continuing to look for investments for the completion of the design development /the airplane will receive a second designation/ and the certification of the T-101 airplane.

There is great interest in the airplane in China, Canada and Latin America. The T-101 exceeds its well-known analogue - the Cessna Caravan airplane - in basic indicators. Besides that, its use on sod runways, of which the Cessna Caravan airplane is deprived, is attractive to the buyers.

RSK MiG is ready to sell the T-101 airplane for a price of 650,000 - 700,000 dollars. In all, 50 T-101 airplanes have been started into production at the Voronin production center. Of them, approximately 25 airplanes are ready for assembly.

Source: 04.01.02, Finmarket Agency

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