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Источник - JED, Jul 1995
Life is difficult for the pioneers of the New Capitalist Frontier. At the present outpost, the IDEX '95 symposium in the United Arab Emirates, life is also quite warm compared to their home in the former Soviet Union, and so most of our intrepid explorers have removed their jackets and rolled up their sleeves. How much more comfortable their Western counterparts look in their shiny, well-air-conditioned, 21st century pavilions, their arms full of glossy, four-color brochures as they stand before life-sized mockups of their equipment. Here in the home of the pioneers, so new to this foreign land of marketing and competition, the surroundings are more spartan, particularly in the section assigned to EW: simple wooden tables and straight-backed chairs stand before what appears to be a hand-lettered sign and diagram. The marketing literature - some in color, much in black and white, none of it glossy - is hidden in a drawer. Supplies are few in the wilderness.

Of course, the Westerners have traveled this frontier for a long time; they feel at home here. For the pathfinders on the New Capitalist Frontier, everything is unique - and no one speaks your language.
(полный текст - http://ecm.by.ru/razn/jed95jul.shtm)

Вот прочитал, и почему-то МАКС вспомнился.. К чему-бы это?
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