В Испании разбился еф-2000

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В Испании разбился при испытании двухмеснай еф-2000 Тайфун
Eurofighter jet crashes in Spain

MADRID, Nov 21 (AFP) - 14:35 GMT - A prototype of the long-awaited Eurofighter warplane crashed south of Madrid on Thursday morning, a Spanish government source said.
Both pilots ejected before the crash and escaped unharmed, the defence ministry source said.

The plane was on a test flight at a height of 15,000 meters (nearly 50,000 feet) when its two engines shut off simultaneously. The pilots, a lieutenant colonel and a major in the Spanish air force, were unable to reignite the engines before ejecting.

The plane crashed in the region of Toledo, 70 kilometers (about 40 miles) south of Madrid, and the pilots landed near the town of Ciudad Real.

The Eurofighter — a two-seater, two-engine fighter jet — is made by a consortium composed of Britain's BAE Systems, Germany's Daimler-Benz Aerospace (Dasa), Italy's Alenia and the Spanish group Casa.
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Однако задерживать поставки консорциум не будет.

Eurofighter says no jet delivery delay from crash
LONDON, Nov 22 (Reuters) - European aerospace consortium
Eurofighter said on Friday deliveries of the long-awaited
Typhoon fighter jet would begin at the end of 2002 despite the
crash of a prototype a day earlier.
Europe's biggest military aircraft collaboration suffered
its first crash on Thursday in central Spain just weeks before
the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain are set to receive production
versions for testing.
"The first four series aircraft will be available for
delivery probably the end of this year," Ian Bustin, vice
president for communications for Eurofighter told Reuters by
telephone. "Nothing's changed on that."
Two pilots survived unharmed despite ejecting at 45,000 feet
(15,000 metres) after both EJ200 engines on the jet stopped and
would not re-start, Spain's Ministry of Defence said in a
Spanish authorities are leading an investigation which
authorities expected to move swiftly as the aircraft was feeding
data back to a test centre near Madrid at the time of the
The four nations backing the Eurofighter have ordered 620 of
the $45 million-$60 million fighter jets, built by a consortium
owned by European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co NV
, BAE Systems Plc and Finmeccanica SpA.
The supersonic jets are expected to go head to head in
international sales contests with aircraft such as United
States' planned Joint Strike Fighter, or F-35, being developed
by Lockheed Martin Corp.
The Eurofighter's engines are built by Eurojet Turbo GmbH, a
four-company consortium comprised of DaimlerChrysler unit MTU
Aero Engines, Rolls-Royce Plc, FiatAviazione of Italy and ITP of
Shares in Rolls-Royce, the world's number two civil jet
engine maker, shrugged off the crash, rising 5.26 percent to
outpace London's FTSE 100 share index, which fell 0.35 percent
to 4175.2 on Friday.
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