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Elbit to buy share in Elisra from Koor Industries

9 April 2002

Koor Industries, an Israeli investment holding company, is in advanced negotiations to sell between 24%-30% of Elisra Electronic Systems (Elisra) to Elbit Systems (based on a company value of over $300 million.

The parties have signed a non-binding term-sheet, and a definitive agreement is expected to be signed by the end of May 2002. The definitive agreement is subject to due diligence, completion of negotiations and receipt of the necessary approvals.

Elisra is a defence electronics company, whose additional holdings include Tadiran Electronic Systems, Spectralink and 46% of BVR Systems. The Elisra group offers air ground and naval solutions for the modern military organisation. The company is a leader in the field of Electronic Warfare suites for combat aircraft.


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El-Op to supply malfunction warning systems for Israeli helicopters
El-Op’s system will be unveiled next week at the MICROTECH 2003 Meeting and Exhibition in Tel Aviv.
Dror Marom 22 Oct 03 17:42
Sources inform “Globes” that Elbit Systems (Nasdaq: ESLT; TASE:ESLT) subsidiary El-Op Electro-Optics Industries will supply malfunction warning systems for Yasur (Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion) helicopters used by the Israel Air Force.
The systems will be installed soon, enabling the helicopter team, including the pilot and navigator, to obtain warnings about malfunctioning parts, such as electrical cables and antennae, as well as nearby aircraft.

In recent decades, lack of awareness about malfunctions has caused accidents involving Air Force Yasur helicopters. 73 Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed in a collision between two helicopters over Shaar-Yishuv a number of years ago, and seven crewman were killed in a similar accident involving two helicopters over Maalei Efraim.

El-Op’s system will be unveiled next week at the MICROTECH 2003 Meeting and Exhibition in Tel Aviv. The system, called Lord, provides the crew with essential data in real time, particularly in difficult weather, with low visibility, and at night. The warning is both visual and voice.

El-Op says that the system uses a laser radar, which broadcasts infrared laser beams. The system samples the returning echo, and calculates the range for every point hit and penetrated by the laser beam.

The returning echo includes all the information about the structure of objects encountered by the beams. A computer decodes the information in real time, and processes the information into a three-dimensional image of the objects.

El-Op chief scientist Gaby Sarussi said that in addition to its flight safety applications, the system can also be adapted to perform three-dimensional mapping of targets, which will make it possible to identify them at long range.

The MICROTECH 2003 exhibition will include an Electro-Optics 2003 conference, at which electro-optical and micro-electronic solutions and innovations will be presented, including optical components, fiber-optics and their applications, sensors, lookout systems, and imaging systems.

Published by Globes [online] -l גלובס זירת העסקים של ישראל - on October 22, 2003

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