Su-27 Flanker (1995) - LockOn deleted features?

US VolkVoland #16.05.2006 05:03


Hi guys, I hope you can help me out with some anomalies in LockOn.

Ever since the original v1.0 Su-27 Flanker back from 1995, every new release seems to "loose" Flankers main tactical features.

In original release auto gun mode was present, along with cruise-missile lock/intercept, EWR/AWACS data-link (DRLO) with passive tracking for BVR R-27E/ER attack and IRST mid course correction, and what the hell happened to R-77? The Fulcrum gets R-77s with it's weaker radar, but the Flanker doesn't? What gives?

Technically speaking, by now the Flanker has been totally castrated, all under the presumed attention to realism.

Please feel free to type in Russian, I read/speak fine but ashamed to admit my laziness in my sloppy spelling and the lack of time to put up a MUI pack and mark the keys again. You know, stickers peel off, marker rubs off, a general pain in the ass.

Thanks rebyata.
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RU Тихон #17.05.2006 00:05

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