Эффективен ли Avenger против современных танков?

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...подкалиберные бронебойные снаряды PGU-14/B изготавливаются из обедненного урана, начальная скорость 1250 м/с. Подкалиберный снаряд на дистанции 1200 м пробивает по нормали 50-мм броню...
Достаточно ли этого для уничтожения современных танков?
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In this test an A-10 aircraft attacked two combat-loaded individual Soviet T-62 tanks in five missions totaling seven passes; technicians rehabilitated the two vehicles after each pass. The aircraft were seldom higher than 200 feet in altitude; firings were initiated between 2768 and 4402 feet and terminated at ranges of 1587 to 3055 feet at dive angles of 1.8 to 4.4°. The bursts ranged from 120 to 165 rounds.

Altogether 93 DU rounds struck the tanks during the seven passes, including no impacts on one pass. The ratio of impacts to rounds fired was 0.10. Of the 93 impacts, 17 penetrated the armored envelopes for a ratio of perforations to impacts of 0.18. The report noted many of the side or rear impacts that did not penetrate the armor nonetheless extensively damaged the tanks’ exterior suspension components, whereas all the rounds that hit the tanks’ front caused minimal damage. These results reinforced the strategy of attacking tanks from the side or rear to optimize damage potential.

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