Комета Лавджой не влетела в солнце

LT Bredonosec #17.12.2011 17:31

Comet to plunge to flaming death of hot agony in the Sun today

Update: Lovejoy lives! The comet had a near-encounter with the sun, but survived. From "A newly discovered comet is set to make a death dive into the sun's atmosphere today (Dec. // [can't get icon's size] [can't get icon's size]

SDO - Solar Dynamics Observatory

As Comet Lovejoy moves toward perihelion this evening we will point SDO a little to the left of the Sun to try and see the tail of the comet in our telescopes. This website will allow you to see those images and flip through them looking for the comet. Select a wavelength on the right and a new window will open with the images available for that wavelength. The Sun will be on the right side of the window. The comet should move from the lower left corner and go behind the Sun a little above the equator. Images from SDO are available soon after they are observed, but it takes about 30 minutes to move from the spacecraft to our computer at Goddard. // Дальше —

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