Проект пилотируемой экспедиции от Lockheed Martin

на Марс


В тени Маска потерялся еще один современный американский проект пилотируемой экспедиции на Марс.

Mars Base Camp
At no other time in history have we had the technology, the know-how, and the public enthusiasm to get humans to Mars. Orion is NASA’s spaceship that will take humans into deep space, but it needs to be a part of a larger system to go to Mars. Lockheed Martin’s concept is called Mars Base Camp and it’s our idea of how to send humanity’s first crewed mission to Mars in about a decade.

Lockheed Martin Mars Base Camp & Mars Lander Revealed
Mars Base Camp & Mars Lander Revealed Lockheed Martin goes to Mars Recently Lockheed Martin unveiled Mars lander, and Mars concept spaceship aptly named Mars Base Camp. Mars Base Camp, is a ~70m long spaceship that will Base camp in orbit of Mars for up to a year, exploring the red planet before returning to Earth.

Lockheed Martin Mars Lander Ship Concept
“Never before in history have we had the technology and global interest to move human exploration out to the Moon and Mars. Lockheed Martin’s blueprint for exploration includes Mars Base Camp, a detailed orbital mission reference architecture for the start of Martian system exploration. By relying on existing technologies and available systems, this mission could be fielded as early as the late 2020’s.

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